Demi Lovato: The Demi Tour 18/04/2015 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney Australia

Last night I fell in love with Demi Lovato all over again.

After being a fan of her since her Camp Rock days with the Jonas Brothers (the original ‘JB’ before Justin Bieber came along) and her first studio album ‘Don’t Forget,’ I couldn’t believe that she was finally making her way to Sydney.

Demi Lovato 18/04/2015
Demi Lovato 18/04/2015

Demi played a mix of all of her music from her 4 albums and it was great to hear all the long time Lovatics singing along to her old hits including ‘Catch Me‘ and ‘Don’t Forget.’ Of course though it was her newest dance tracks such as ‘Firestarter’ and her opening song ‘Really Don’t Care‘ that had everybody dancing in synchronisation.

The video I uploaded was Demi’s speech before she sung ‘Warrior‘ and was for me, honestly one of the most moving parts of the concert. Hearing her directly speak out to us about not letting the past drown you was so inspiring and really made me glad that I am here on this earth, living my life to the fullest. Demi’s live version of ‘Skyscraper’ had me, and the young girl in front of me, in tears. The vulnerability and honesty in Demi’s voice as well as her composure throughout was so beautiful and it was great to sing one of my most loved songs with such a beautiful artist. Her encore performance of ‘Neon lights‘ really ended the night on a high and the atmosphere was amazing.


The opening act for the Sydney show was ‘Masketta Fall’ a fantastic Melbourne boy band comprised of Braden Daniel, Daniel Molivas, Jamie Ross & Ben Downing. Their hit new song ‘Summertime Girls‘ is one of my current favourites and has been for the last month, so I was extremely excited to hear it live. The boys did a few covers and played some more of their songs which was a great warm-up for Demi. After the concert I actually got to meet Braden, who was an absolute gem. He was more than happy to have a chat with me and we parted with him saying “tweet me.” Upon leaving I did, and awoke this morning to the delightful surprise that he had favourited my photo with him on twitter! These boys are so talented, friendly and down to earth and deserve every success.

18/04/2015 – Braden from Masketta Fall


From previous concert experience I expected it to be cold inside so I dressed in more Winter-like attire.


Pleather tights – Cotton On
Lace insert t-shirt – Glue
Black and gold bag – Equip
Sandals – Windsorsmith
White and gold necklace – Lovisa
White bracelet – Cotton On

The Hordern Pavilion however was however possibly the worst place she could have chosen. It was extremely unorganised, 2/3 of the security guards I spoke to had no clue what was going on and were almost rude in the way they spoke to me. One even tried to tell me that there was “no reserve seating” even though I had paid for an allocated seat. People were being herded in and there was no separate access for reserved seating or mosh pit which made it uncomfortable and cramped during the wait. It was also extremely hot inside, I have no idea how Demi was actually able to keep functioning throughout the night.

The night was honestly spectacular though and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

lovelexy xx


Top Trend: Pink Accessories

Sometimes all a girl wants to do is slip on some accessories that make her feel as though she is as put together as a Barbie doll. For myself, this is majority of the time as my ultimate power colour is pink. Hot pink, light pink, neon pink, I wear them all. I am constantly scouring the shops looking for anything new in this feminine shade and thought I would share with you all a few of my favourite pieces. Some are high-end purchases but majority are very affordable and I feel like mixing the two gives a very unique look.

Arm  Candy

(From left to right)

Sportsgirl clip pink enamel bracelet $19.95
In another colour:

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Cotton On Foundation charity bracelet $2

Guess leather bracelet $59.95
In another colour:

Pink, Colette by Colette Hayman

Colette by Colette Hayman Necklace $14.95
In another colour:

Pink Earrings

(From left to right)

Colette by Colette Hayman Earrings $9.95
In another colour:

Forever New Earrings $9.95

Sterling Silver with cubic zirconia Bevilles $29.99
In another colour:

Pink Nails from Sportsgirl

Both nailpolish’s from Sportsgirl, at $9.95 each
Left: Scented Watermelon
Right: Matte Pink

Viktor and Rolf BonBon

Viktor and Rolf BonBon 30ml EDP $110.00—rolf-bon-bon-edp

lovelexy xx