Troye Sivan Blue Neighbourhood Tour Hordern Pavillion, Sydney 3 August 2016

You make my heart shake
Bend and break
But I can’t turn away
And it’s driving me wild

Let me take you back to Christmas Eve of 2015. I was in the car with my boyfriend and we were on an adventure to find the house decorated with the nicest Christmas lights. My boyfriend put on a song, and said “you have got to start listening to this guy he’s amazing,” and the song was wild by Troye Sivan. His album Blue Neighbourhood became the playlist of the night, and it was just so fitting that we were listening to it as we explored our own blue neighbourhood.

Now fast-forward to August 2016, and we both got to experience Troye sing this and all of his other hits from the album live. He put on a spectacular performance and blew me away with his vocals. My heart absolutely raced when he covered Dua Lipa’s Be the one, a song I had also been loving at the time. I dare to say I even liked it better than the original.

Troye also interacted with the audience and thus brought an amazing atmosphere to the room. You could just feel that his words and songs were resonating with every soul in the room. Everyone danced in beat, sung in harmony and used their iphone’s as tiny lights together. It’s a connection that you don’t ever see strangers make, except for when you’re at a concert.

Also a big mention needs to be given to his stunning back up vocalist Karina Depiano, who absolutely stole the show on a number of occasions. Her cover of Alessia Cara’s guest verse in Youth was incredible and she deserved her solo time! Both opening acts, DJ Tyde Levi and Nicole Millar were also fabulous! They got everyone excited and dancing in anticipation for Troye. I would definitely go out of my way to see either of them again.

The merchandise was really great too, I was impressed by the range of t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, jumpers, and caps! As always the organisation of the Hordern Pavillion was a bit of a mess, and as per my luck, it was raining and we had parked on the opposite side of the venue so it was a bit of a disaster to get in. I got soaking wet but honestly, (apart from making everyone in the venue smell like wet dog,) it adds a bit more fun to the night.

Let me know if you were also at the concert, or one of his many other shows! What were your thoughts?

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Love Lexy xx




99 thoughts I had while reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

*Spoilers ahead*
*Spoilers ahead*
*Spoilers ahead*

Disclaimer: These are just silly or funny thoughts that I had while reading the book. This is not a review, and not meant to offend any Potterheads out there. I just love reading these types of posts from Buzzfeed and thought I’d put my own spin on it. Without further ado, read ahead;

  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I’m actually reading another Harry Potter novel. Who knew this day would actually come?
  2. It is actually really confusing when everyone in the family is named after somebody else. I keep visualising Dumbledore. SOS.
  3. Woah Hermione’s daughter is very judgmental – especially for someone whose own mother knows all to well what bullying is like, she doesn’t hold back.
  4. Slytherin, what?! Why didn’t you tell the hat to put you in Gryffindor?
  5. Amos Diggery. Why him?
  6. I never thought Harry and Draco would speak again after the Wizarding War but I guess that’s about to change drastically thanks to their children.
  7. This Delphi character seems really shady – but maybe that’s just me having watched too much Pretty Little Liars.
    pretty little liars wow pll lucy hale aria
  8. Stop disrespecting the blanket Albus! Why is he such an angsty teen?
  9. Oooh Flashbacks from Book One that’s cool, I like that, but why does Voldemort have to taint all the good memories, please stop.
  10. Scorpius trying to flirt with Rose is like Ron and Hermione all over again. So many feels.
  11. Of all the good lives lost why did it have to be Cedric that they save. Come on, Sirius Black deserved to live!!
  12. My heart belongs to the trolley witch.
  13. Do they play bingo at St Oswalds Home for old witches and wizards?
  14. Can we please have a scene with Molly Weasley – she deserves it!
  15. Polyjuice! I really hope no one gets a cat hair this time.Image result for hermione cat polyjuice
  16. This has got to be the most confusing thing to read, I am struggling so hard trying to keep up with who is who.
  17. I had really forgotten how horrible Petunia really was. #stopgivingmugglesabadreputation
  18. No do not catch feelings for Delphi, I still don’t feel good about her.
  19. I like that they brought Bane back, good call.
  20. “thinks a bit” – I liked this, the personification of time, as if it has a mind of its own.
  21. So many feels from book four – It wasn’t my favourite book, but still I feel a sense of nostalgia.
  22. Dumbledore, my heart aches.
  23. Harry is going way to strict on him – As if he would have stood for being told he couldn’t sneak around with Ron and Hermione – come on Harry.
  24. Aunt Padma – WOW never ever thought I would read that.
  25. Act Two Scene Twelve is so beautifully written.
  26. So much nostalgia except this time I’m gunning for Draco and I never would have thought that possible.
  27. Did you kids really think nothing would change when you meddled with time… really?
  28. YES SCORPIUS you pull Albus into line.
  29. McGonagall will forever be the greatest teacher.
  30. #RonandHermione4ever
  31. Seeing as the Chamber of Secrets is my favourite book and movie, you do not understand how excited I was with the return of Moaning Myrtle.
  32. No not Umbridge… anyone but her. Dumbledore’s face in this GIF says it all.
    harry potter ootp umbridge
  33. Part one cannot end like that.
  35. What does the nickname #ScorpianKing even mean though
  36. This is how I always imagined adult Draco to be like.
  37. Mudblood death camps, did anyone automatically link this to be metaphorical for the Nazi Germany camps?
  38. Snape! Why did he not choose to go back in time and save Snape!
  39. HA! Hermione thinking he was talking about Dumbledore is all of us at the start of the book.
  40. Discombobulated may just be my new favourite word.discombobulate
  41. Snape finding his death “irritating” is putting it so lightly.
  42. Dementors have got to be my least favourite thing about the whole wizarding universe. I know they are a personification of depression but they are just so eugh.
  43. YES Hermione you kiss your man.
  44. I am so glad Snape’s patronus wasn’t changed in this topsy-turvy world.
  45. Did she really have to make us re-live Snape’s death, like really.
  46. Ok we have got the angsty teen back, things are looking up.
  47. How do you just loose a time turner?
  48. McGonagall knows what’s up.
    harry potter maggie smith minerva mcgonagall 
  49. If Harry Potter never got expelled these kids will never get expelled who is she trying to kid.
  50. Good job Harry for doing the right thing by your son.
  51. I’ll say this again, I completely forgot how horrible Petunia is.
  52. WHY is Voldemort still lurking around, stay dead omg.
  53. Ok, he didn’t really loose the time turner, which explains that.
  54. Why are wizards getting tattoos, I just find that so strange. Isn’t there a magical equivalent to a tattoo?
  55. Yeah something is definitely off with her, she has a tattoo of a bad omen?
  56. AND THERE IT IS. I knew something was up with her.
  57. Ron wanting to renew his vows is so adorable!
  58. “Cancel the Goblins” But what were the goblins going to be used for, I’m confused.
  59. When you get accused of having an evil niece but you and your wife were both only children #awkward.
  60. And another spare was created RIP Craig Bowker Jr who ever you were.
  61. Eugh I hated the maze in the Triwizard Tournament so much. Just hedge mazes in general, yuck.
    The Simpsons bart simpson season 6 episode 6 groundskeeper willie 
  62. But why can she fly without a broom? Dark magic? But that is not even an evil trait, its just more practical. You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a broom around with you, or parking it.
  63. And now they are stuck, they should have seen that coming honestly.
  64. I didn’t think they were actually going to use that. I thought they were referring to Albus as a cursed child – as in cursed to have high expectations put upon him but wow.
  65. Oh God I can’t imagine sitting through an interval right now, thank God I am reading this not watching this.
  66. Ron is great right now.
  67. Thank God Albus knew his family history dates.
  68. Delphi this day is sad enough as it is did you really need to meddle with it. Your dads a bad guy, trust me you don’t want to have daddy-daughter dates.
  69. I don’t really think Bathilda can help you.
  70. “To suffer is as human as to breathe”
  71. Does Dumbledore think he is Han Solo? “I loved you” “I know”
  72. Draco’s story is so tragic, I love it.
  73. That is such a far fetched plan with the blanket, like its geniously smart for two kids who dumb enough to bring back Voldemort.
  74. Well that was strange but I’m really glad it worked.
  75. HAHA muggles are attracted to the bed and breakfasts in basically the most important place in Harry Potters history.
  76. Reunited ❤
  77. AWWWWW who knew exploding snap would be the way to woo your future wife.
  78. I don’t actually believe Voldemort would have stopped this mission for anybody.
  79. Harry talking about Polyjuice and Hermione talking about a cat on the same page is just so Chamber of Secrets.
  80. I cannot imagine Ron pretending to be Voldemort it just would not work.
  81. HAHA voldemort/Harry I would know if I had a daughter thanks.
    Image result for bellatrix lestrange like a lover
  83. This is so strange I cannot deal.
  84. Have we heard of a Rodolphus Lestrange before?
  85. You haven’t inherited the best of her? I took this as Delphi has straight hair.
  86. How heartbreaking for Delphi, to watch who you think is your dad start morphing into the guy you hate.
  87. At the mention of rat I straight away thought of Scabbers/Peter Pettigrew.
  88. YES team work. Both of the Potters doing it for themselves.
  89. LOL Albus we don’t just off people, its not the way.
  90. Well at least she can have mummy/daughter dates now.
  91. Awww this is heartbreaking. Harry shouldn’t have watched, but I guess it gives him more closure.
  92. #yer’awizard’arry. 
    film insult hagrid robbie coltrane rubeus
  93. Scorpius and Rose, I can so see it happening.
  94. This bonding session is really working. Who needs therapy, just take a walk.
  95. Oh Cedrics grave. That’s nice to know that Harry goes there.
  96. The connection between the two spares, that’s nice to.
  97. “So do I”
  98. I liked that it ended on an agreement, and the two becoming closer, that was definitely a perfect ending.

Love Lexy.

5 things I learnt about kittens after getting one

1. You will always be watched when you are in the shower  

My kitten is a Ragdoll (see picture below) and the breed is known for being intrigued by the sound of water. Many even like to swim, take baths or play in water. I’ve caught my kitten sneaking into the shower once, and since then I’ve noticed that she just stares at me every time I’m in the shower. Honestly, who ever said cats hate water, never met this little mischief maker!


2. Everything is a toy to them

From hair elastics and toilet rolls to empty plastic bottles, there is no need to buy fancy cat toys your kitten will choose the everyday items instead. She does have a scratching post and fake mouse toy that she definitely loves to play with, however, the simple things in life please her as well! Of course it means I will be forever searching for my hair ties, but at least it means I can save some money on kitten toys.


3. Constant cycle of crazy time and nap time

Playtime is synonymous with jumping, scratching, biting, and running but is always followed by some serious cuddle and nap time. She can get a little nasty too, with some the bites from her little teeth feeling like tiny needles. I just let her wear herself out a little bit then she calms down and comes to snuggle up next to me while I watch tv or go on the computer. She’s also surprisingly intrigued by technology screens too.

4. They will jump from everything

No matter how high up they climb, they will jump. Don’t fret though, its true, cats, even kittens, always land on their feet. Its normal to feel scared for them but even if you try to stop them they won’t listen to you anyway and will jump, or rather, fall with style. Its definitely an entertainment sport for my dog and myself, watching the kitten tumble and twist from great heights.


5. You will probably loose them once or twice
The first day I had with my kitten, I took my eyes off her for 0.02 milliseconds and she snuck under the lounge where she hid until I coaxed her out. Don’t worry, they are just adjusting to their new surroundings and feel safe in small and cosy spots, they will come out when they feel ready. She was so shy the first day, and now its as if she is a completely different kitten.


Love Lexy

There is always time to Prime

lovelexy's primers
As a self-confessed makeup addict, primers are definitely something I have tried and tested. High-end, low-end, I have experimented with a lot, and thought I would share with all of you, my thoughts on some.

A primer is like a base-coat to your foundation that is ultimately designed to make your foundation last longer. Different primers also seek to do other jobs as well, such as mattify skin, even out skintone, create a dewy base, act as a skin supplement, fill in pores and the list goes on and on.
When choosing a primer you really need to look at what you want to get out off it and what job you want it to do.

I have oily and acne prone skin, so I tend to gravitate towards mattifying/oil absorbing primers however, I have ventured out on some occasions. Honestly though, primers that do not contain mattifying ingredients, have not impressed me, but that has more to do with my skin type and personal preference than the product.

My top three Primers for people with Oily/Combination/Acne prone skin would have to be: 
top 3

1. Rimmel Stay Matte
This primer is a God-Sent. Hands down, 11/10 rating, I cannot believe that I once got through life without it. In seconds it instantly mattifies my whole face so well that I can go through the day without needing to powder my face or blot with a tissue. I have also worn it alone, without a foundation or powder over the top, and it does still give a matte appearance to the skin – without making it look dead – for a good few hours. I have no faults for this product and at its extremely affordable price, I will continue to stock up on it.

2. Cover FX Mattifying Primer
I really like this primer, and I found that it does work really well, however I found it be quite pricey for what it delivers. It is infused with ingredients to help problem skin, which is good because it never irritates or inflames any problem spots on my skin, however I would just like to point out that it is not strong enough to help clear them up so stick to your normal skin routine. It does also help with shiny skin, however I feel that I do still need to blot or touch up throughout the day to maintain a matte appearance.

3. Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti Shine
As a new product and part of the ‘photoready’ series, I had really high expectations for this product. In a price range between the above two primers, I believe it to be worth the money but would still lean towards the Rimmel Stay Matte. It does the job of mattifying the skin so well, that it is almost too well. When I have applied it to my skin in an area that it already quite dry (which I found to be around the top of my nose, between my eyebrows) it clung to the dry skin and became noticeable even once I had applied my foundation. A creamy concealer helped to cover up some of the dryness and the product works perfectly on the rest of my skin, so I still find it to be a great primer.

Now onto the least favourite…
This is probably going to anger a lot of people, but I’m going to have to say my least favourite primer is actually the Napoleon Perdis ‘Auto Pilot’. I don’t think it’s a fault in the product, rather, it just does not get along with my skin. I received the sample size version of the product in a free goodie bag and I tried it out but it just did not work for me. It made no difference to the application of my foundation and it left my skin looking extremely shiny after just 2 hours of wear. For my birthday last year I also decided to have my make-up done at Napoleon Perdis before heading out to dinner, and nonetheless I encountered the same problem. I had an oily face not even 2 hours after having my makeup professionally applied. I’m sorry Napoleon but even though “not to prime is a crime,” I won’t be priming with ‘autopilot again.

In terms of the other primers, I like them but do not love them.

The ‘Porefessional’ by Benefit
After trying this out, I think I would love the matte version, ‘The Porefessional: Agent Zero Shine’. It hides my pores so well and makes my foundation go on so smoothly, however I do find that my skin gets pretty oily when I wear it, hence I feel like if I tried the matte one I would adore it.

Australis ‘Cya Later Pores’ Spot Primer
Again, I did like this primer for reducing pore size, its worked amazingly well for the price. The price comparison to Benefit is amazing and I think it is a perfect alternative, however personally, I do prefer something that will mattify my face. If you are looking to achieve a more dewy finish though, or you have dry/normal skin, definitely give it a try because I feel like it would work perfectly for you.


Australis ‘Matte Out’ Mattifying Face Base
I think this product has been repackaged to fit the aesthetic of the new primers line but again, I liked this product and I do still use it however, it just didn’t make the cut for the top three. I found that it does loose the matte appearance after a few hours and I did need to blot and powder, so I mainly use this primer if I know I won’t be out for long, or I will be somewhere where I know I can touch up.

Loreal Paris, Studio Secrets Professional, Anti Shine Mattifying Primer
For a long time, this was my ‘go-to’ primer, however it has since been discontinued. I think once I found out, I went out and bought the last 3 bottles from my local priceline. It works beautifully and I am still really sad that they stopped producing it. It was out before ‘priming’ was a common thing, hence this was part of the ‘studio secrets professional range’, and for a long time it was the only one of its kind. So I’d like to say thankyou loreal, for producing something way ahead of your time, that essentially got me through my oily skinned teenage years. If the primer could still be purchased, it would have been #1 on my list.

Well I hope this helped some of you out, let me know in the comments section what your favourite primer is, and If you have any suggestions for some I should try out.

lovelexy xx

Top Trend: Delicate necklaces

Goodbye to the 90’s choker, Adiós to the ‘fake collar’ necklace, and Au Revoir to the bold statement piece, at the moment everyone seems to be embracing the delicate necklace trend, and I’m definitely not complaining.

Don’t get me wrong, I love each of the above trends but it is always refreashing to see something different, and I think its about time we all switched up our look a little bit. A dainty charm with a thin chain can provide so much quirkiness to an outfit, and be the finishing touch. They can dress up a once relaxed look or they can add some more interest to a basic tee and jeans combo, it all depends on how they are worn. They also look stunning when layered, the only pitfall to that being sometimes you end up with a tangled mess of chains, but if you can keep on top of it, it looks so interesting and great! I tend to stick to affordable options when it comes to this sort of jewellery, as they can be lost quite easily and broken, if they are not treated with care.
So, here’s a few of my favourites…

IMG_4050The Horse-shoe is by ‘Lulu and Rose’ and was purchased from
The Anchor and Arrow were both purchased from
The crystal necklace was purchased from

This one, also from Sportsgirl, is a slightly different style, being a long necklace, on approximately a 60cm chain, with three charms. A necklace like this is perfect for layering with a shorter one to add more fascination to an outfit


And the mother of all dainty necklaces goes to…


My Tiffany & Co. which I received as my Graduation present at the end of last year. It’s such a classic piece that just shines with class and sophistication. It is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery that I own, and I love it dearly.

I recently went stalking looking through some celebrity Instagram’s, and found a few great examples of our top girls embracing the look, and thought it may give all of you some inspiration…

And here is how I incorporated the trend into one of my looks which I wore when I was going into the city for a night out…

Well guys, let me know in the comments what you think of this trend?
Will you be rocking it or knocking it?

lovelexy xx

Product Review: Victoria’s Secret Scents


There’s just something about wearing a Victoria’s Secret Perfume or Body Mist that makes me feel like I am the newest recruited Angel.
“As the delicate floral scents fall like tiny rain drops on my skin…”
Ok I’ll cut the drama, basically, wearing either of these two scents gives me an amazing boost of confidence for the day ahead. I don’t know whether its me just falling victim to the advertising or what, but I honestly do feel so much more empowered when I know I smell great!

The Eau de Parfum ‘Victoria’ pictured on the right, is my favourite of the two and is one of the longest wearing scent’s I own. I find that a lot of regular perfume’s don’t last that long on myself however this perfume stays for a decent 6-8 hours before beginning to fade in the slightest. The ‘Pure Day Dream’ Mist (pictured on the left) doesn’t have as much staying power but the initial spray is amazing. It’s a much stronger and more intense scent when compared to Victoria, however I love it all the same.

I’m obviously a sucker for cute packaging, and find both adorable! They also both come in really sweet boxes and seeing as I purchased mine at the Queen Victoria Building Victoria’s Secret Store in Sydney, Australia, so I got mine in the cute little pink VS bag. For Australian’s it is more of a higher end brand, however, with the parfum, you definitely get what you pay for and it’s worth the extra splurge. The girls in that store are also really lovely, so I’d recommend popping in to have a look, they generally let you try most of the scents out before you make a commitment anyway.

Overall, I’d give both a 10/10, and highly recommend them both, but let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

lovelexy xx

Link to purchase ‘Victoria Eau de Parfum’ online:

Book Vs. Movie: Insurgent

insurgent1        Insurgent_poster

In response to the horrendous weather Sydney is providing at the moment I thought I would do a book vs. movie review because really, on a stormy day what else is there do to other than read or watch.

As a girl who is an avid reader and who has been interested in books for as long as she can remember, I also watch a lot of movies. In most cases I normally prefer the book, preferring the attention to detail and chance to envision the characters however I like although this was not the case with Insurgent. After adoring both the book and movie for Divergent, I was keen to start reading the second book before the movie was released in cinema’s. When I was reading however it just didn’t grab me the way Divergent did. I loved getting to know the characters in more depth especially Tobias and exploring his relationships with his parents but to me it just felt like the book dragged. I constantly put it down and eventually just skimmed straight through to the end. The movie however, that was a completely different story (excuse the pun.) It hooked me from the get-go and my eyes were glued to the screen the whole way through. The acting in that movie was spectacular and the soundtrack was also perfect. The special effects were also impeccable and I think they did an amazing job.

Overall I’d give the book a 7/10 and I’d easily give the movie a 10/10, what were your thoughts? I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

lovelexy xx