99 thoughts I had while reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

*Spoilers ahead*
*Spoilers ahead*
*Spoilers ahead*

Disclaimer: These are just silly or funny thoughts that I had while reading the book. This is not a review, and not meant to offend any Potterheads out there. I just love reading these types of posts from Buzzfeed and thought I’d put my own spin on it. Without further ado, read ahead;

  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I’m actually reading another Harry Potter novel. Who knew this day would actually come?
  2. It is actually really confusing when everyone in the family is named after somebody else. I keep visualising Dumbledore. SOS.
  3. Woah Hermione’s daughter is very judgmental – especially for someone whose own mother knows all to well what bullying is like, she doesn’t hold back.
  4. Slytherin, what?! Why didn’t you tell the hat to put you in Gryffindor?
  5. Amos Diggery. Why him?
  6. I never thought Harry and Draco would speak again after the Wizarding War but I guess that’s about to change drastically thanks to their children.
  7. This Delphi character seems really shady – but maybe that’s just me having watched too much Pretty Little Liars.
    pretty little liars wow pll lucy hale aria
  8. Stop disrespecting the blanket Albus! Why is he such an angsty teen?
  9. Oooh Flashbacks from Book One that’s cool, I like that, but why does Voldemort have to taint all the good memories, please stop.
  10. Scorpius trying to flirt with Rose is like Ron and Hermione all over again. So many feels.
  11. Of all the good lives lost why did it have to be Cedric that they save. Come on, Sirius Black deserved to live!!
  12. My heart belongs to the trolley witch.
  13. Do they play bingo at St Oswalds Home for old witches and wizards?
  14. Can we please have a scene with Molly Weasley – she deserves it!
  15. Polyjuice! I really hope no one gets a cat hair this time.Image result for hermione cat polyjuice
  16. This has got to be the most confusing thing to read, I am struggling so hard trying to keep up with who is who.
  17. I had really forgotten how horrible Petunia really was. #stopgivingmugglesabadreputation
  18. No do not catch feelings for Delphi, I still don’t feel good about her.
  19. I like that they brought Bane back, good call.
  20. “thinks a bit” – I liked this, the personification of time, as if it has a mind of its own.
  21. So many feels from book four – It wasn’t my favourite book, but still I feel a sense of nostalgia.
  22. Dumbledore, my heart aches.
  23. Harry is going way to strict on him – As if he would have stood for being told he couldn’t sneak around with Ron and Hermione – come on Harry.
  24. Aunt Padma – WOW never ever thought I would read that.
  25. Act Two Scene Twelve is so beautifully written.
  26. So much nostalgia except this time I’m gunning for Draco and I never would have thought that possible.
  27. Did you kids really think nothing would change when you meddled with time… really?
  28. YES SCORPIUS you pull Albus into line.
  29. McGonagall will forever be the greatest teacher.
  30. #RonandHermione4ever
  31. Seeing as the Chamber of Secrets is my favourite book and movie, you do not understand how excited I was with the return of Moaning Myrtle.
  32. No not Umbridge… anyone but her. Dumbledore’s face in this GIF says it all.
    harry potter ootp umbridge
  33. Part one cannot end like that.
  35. What does the nickname #ScorpianKing even mean though
  36. This is how I always imagined adult Draco to be like.
  37. Mudblood death camps, did anyone automatically link this to be metaphorical for the Nazi Germany camps?
  38. Snape! Why did he not choose to go back in time and save Snape!
  39. HA! Hermione thinking he was talking about Dumbledore is all of us at the start of the book.
  40. Discombobulated may just be my new favourite word.discombobulate
  41. Snape finding his death “irritating” is putting it so lightly.
  42. Dementors have got to be my least favourite thing about the whole wizarding universe. I know they are a personification of depression but they are just so eugh.
  43. YES Hermione you kiss your man.
  44. I am so glad Snape’s patronus wasn’t changed in this topsy-turvy world.
  45. Did she really have to make us re-live Snape’s death, like really.
  46. Ok we have got the angsty teen back, things are looking up.
  47. How do you just loose a time turner?
  48. McGonagall knows what’s up.
    harry potter maggie smith minerva mcgonagall 
  49. If Harry Potter never got expelled these kids will never get expelled who is she trying to kid.
  50. Good job Harry for doing the right thing by your son.
  51. I’ll say this again, I completely forgot how horrible Petunia is.
  52. WHY is Voldemort still lurking around, stay dead omg.
  53. Ok, he didn’t really loose the time turner, which explains that.
  54. Why are wizards getting tattoos, I just find that so strange. Isn’t there a magical equivalent to a tattoo?
  55. Yeah something is definitely off with her, she has a tattoo of a bad omen?
  56. AND THERE IT IS. I knew something was up with her.
  57. Ron wanting to renew his vows is so adorable!
  58. “Cancel the Goblins” But what were the goblins going to be used for, I’m confused.
  59. When you get accused of having an evil niece but you and your wife were both only children #awkward.
  60. And another spare was created RIP Craig Bowker Jr who ever you were.
  61. Eugh I hated the maze in the Triwizard Tournament so much. Just hedge mazes in general, yuck.
    The Simpsons bart simpson season 6 episode 6 groundskeeper willie 
  62. But why can she fly without a broom? Dark magic? But that is not even an evil trait, its just more practical. You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a broom around with you, or parking it.
  63. And now they are stuck, they should have seen that coming honestly.
  64. I didn’t think they were actually going to use that. I thought they were referring to Albus as a cursed child – as in cursed to have high expectations put upon him but wow.
  65. Oh God I can’t imagine sitting through an interval right now, thank God I am reading this not watching this.
  66. Ron is great right now.
  67. Thank God Albus knew his family history dates.
  68. Delphi this day is sad enough as it is did you really need to meddle with it. Your dads a bad guy, trust me you don’t want to have daddy-daughter dates.
  69. I don’t really think Bathilda can help you.
  70. “To suffer is as human as to breathe”
  71. Does Dumbledore think he is Han Solo? “I loved you” “I know”
  72. Draco’s story is so tragic, I love it.
  73. That is such a far fetched plan with the blanket, like its geniously smart for two kids who dumb enough to bring back Voldemort.
  74. Well that was strange but I’m really glad it worked.
  75. HAHA muggles are attracted to the bed and breakfasts in basically the most important place in Harry Potters history.
  76. Reunited ❤
  77. AWWWWW who knew exploding snap would be the way to woo your future wife.
  78. I don’t actually believe Voldemort would have stopped this mission for anybody.
  79. Harry talking about Polyjuice and Hermione talking about a cat on the same page is just so Chamber of Secrets.
  80. I cannot imagine Ron pretending to be Voldemort it just would not work.
  81. HAHA voldemort/Harry I would know if I had a daughter thanks.
    Image result for bellatrix lestrange like a lover
  83. This is so strange I cannot deal.
  84. Have we heard of a Rodolphus Lestrange before?
  85. You haven’t inherited the best of her? I took this as Delphi has straight hair.
  86. How heartbreaking for Delphi, to watch who you think is your dad start morphing into the guy you hate.
  87. At the mention of rat I straight away thought of Scabbers/Peter Pettigrew.
  88. YES team work. Both of the Potters doing it for themselves.
  89. LOL Albus we don’t just off people, its not the way.
  90. Well at least she can have mummy/daughter dates now.
  91. Awww this is heartbreaking. Harry shouldn’t have watched, but I guess it gives him more closure.
  92. #yer’awizard’arry. 
    film insult hagrid robbie coltrane rubeus
  93. Scorpius and Rose, I can so see it happening.
  94. This bonding session is really working. Who needs therapy, just take a walk.
  95. Oh Cedrics grave. That’s nice to know that Harry goes there.
  96. The connection between the two spares, that’s nice to.
  97. “So do I”
  98. I liked that it ended on an agreement, and the two becoming closer, that was definitely a perfect ending.

Love Lexy.


5 thoughts on “99 thoughts I had while reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  1. “Woah Hermione’s daughter is very judgmental – especially for someone whose own mother knows all to well what bullying is like, she doesn’t hold back.” – this pissed me off big time, but I was content to just have such an awesome adventurous duo in this book=D Discombobulated was a nuisance. I like those reads when i don’t have to look up any words in a dictionary and I thought the Cursed Child would be one of them but nooooooooooo, discombobulated XD
    And I agree. We need more. Like infinity more HP books.
    Anyway, great list! I enjoyed reading it and my thoughts were about the same=)


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