5 things I learnt about kittens after getting one

1. You will always be watched when you are in the shower  

My kitten is a Ragdoll (see picture below) and the breed is known for being intrigued by the sound of water. Many even like to swim, take baths or play in water. I’ve caught my kitten sneaking into the shower once, and since then I’ve noticed that she just stares at me every time I’m in the shower. Honestly, who ever said cats hate water, never met this little mischief maker!


2. Everything is a toy to them

From hair elastics and toilet rolls to empty plastic bottles, there is no need to buy fancy cat toys your kitten will choose the everyday items instead. She does have a scratching post and fake mouse toy that she definitely loves to play with, however, the simple things in life please her as well! Of course it means I will be forever searching for my hair ties, but at least it means I can save some money on kitten toys.


3. Constant cycle of crazy time and nap time

Playtime is synonymous with jumping, scratching, biting, and running but is always followed by some serious cuddle and nap time. She can get a little nasty too, with some the bites from her little teeth feeling like tiny needles. I just let her wear herself out a little bit then she calms down and comes to snuggle up next to me while I watch tv or go on the computer. She’s also surprisingly intrigued by technology screens too.

4. They will jump from everything

No matter how high up they climb, they will jump. Don’t fret though, its true, cats, even kittens, always land on their feet. Its normal to feel scared for them but even if you try to stop them they won’t listen to you anyway and will jump, or rather, fall with style. Its definitely an entertainment sport for my dog and myself, watching the kitten tumble and twist from great heights.


5. You will probably loose them once or twice
The first day I had with my kitten, I took my eyes off her for 0.02 milliseconds and she snuck under the lounge where she hid until I coaxed her out. Don’t worry, they are just adjusting to their new surroundings and feel safe in small and cosy spots, they will come out when they feel ready. She was so shy the first day, and now its as if she is a completely different kitten.


Love Lexy


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