Product Review: Victoria’s Secret Scents


There’s just something about wearing a Victoria’s Secret Perfume or Body Mist that makes me feel like I am the newest recruited Angel.
“As the delicate floral scents fall like tiny rain drops on my skin…”
Ok I’ll cut the drama, basically, wearing either of these two scents gives me an amazing boost of confidence for the day ahead. I don’t know whether its me just falling victim to the advertising or what, but I honestly do feel so much more empowered when I know I smell great!

The Eau de Parfum ‘Victoria’ pictured on the right, is my favourite of the two and is one of the longest wearing scent’s I own. I find that a lot of regular perfume’s don’t last that long on myself however this perfume stays for a decent 6-8 hours before beginning to fade in the slightest. The ‘Pure Day Dream’ Mist (pictured on the left) doesn’t have as much staying power but the initial spray is amazing. It’s a much stronger and more intense scent when compared to Victoria, however I love it all the same.

I’m obviously a sucker for cute packaging, and find both adorable! They also both come in really sweet boxes and seeing as I purchased mine at the Queen Victoria Building Victoria’s Secret Store in Sydney, Australia, so I got mine in the cute little pink VS bag. For Australian’s it is more of a higher end brand, however, with the parfum, you definitely get what you pay for and it’s worth the extra splurge. The girls in that store are also really lovely, so I’d recommend popping in to have a look, they generally let you try most of the scents out before you make a commitment anyway.

Overall, I’d give both a 10/10, and highly recommend them both, but let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

lovelexy xx

Link to purchase ‘Victoria Eau de Parfum’ online: